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Our primary goal is to help and support people who found themselves in critical situations and life threatening circumstances.

Why is this so important to us?

In order to help and provide support to other people - you yourself need to stand firmly on “your own two feet”. That’s is how our core of like-minded people was formed and the Social Organization VitaUkr was founded - Vita means life in Italian, so the name itself is about life in Ukraine!

What have we achieved so far?

The defining moment came around at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic with our Italian partners. During that period we have held numerous events in Italy and throughout the year 2020 hosted events in Ukraine as well.

All the events that we organize and host are presented and can be followed in our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram

Areas of our activities


Transnational and cultural development and support of youth and arts


Collection and aid provision directly to the addressee in need


Help and aid to the people in need and those in critical life situations

Our activities in numbers - with partners

Our Projects - Before the War

Humanitarian Aid

Murals in Kyiv

Milano Exhibition

Art Against Violence

View of Dante Exhibition

Art Against Violence

Our Projects - After the War

Ucrainian Art in Italy

Ucrainian Art Exhibitions in Italy

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Irpin Construction Summit

Our Italian Partners

During those 100 days of war, our Italian partners provided us with support and humanitarian aid, took care of over 100 Ukrainian refugees, helped them settle in, find homes and assisted with all the necessary documents for residence status in Italy.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
Colors for Peace
Associazione Poliziotti Italiani
Emergenza Sorrisi
Chiacchiere Italiane
Ambasciata d'Italia - Kiev
Istituto Di Cultura - Kiev

Project Mom - My dreamt worthy and free future

Project mom

MOM program’s goal is to make sure that every participant has their own safe space so that they can:

  • Obtain knowledge, skills and expertise for their future work
  • Reach a state of psychological and emotional confidence in their lives
  • Understand their future and the role they can play in the life of their country
  • Define their life purpose
  • Create MOM community

War… People are lost and demoralized Today we are creating and making our history, our future and our values! A world - where our children shall live! We should unite and support one another and our country.

Immense gratitude for the help and participation to our partners

МВС УкраїниLet's do It! Italy - Associazione di tutela ambientaleLet's do it, Ukraine / Зробимо Україну Чистою РазомГоловна | Міністерство молоді та спорту УкраїниМіністерство соцiальної політики УкраїниHeadsBudhouse Group | Велика інвестиційна та промислова холдингова компаніяUkraine Sotheby's International RealtyUNESCOГуманітарний штаб ДВРЗAmbasciata d’Ucraina nella Repubblica ItalianaVerkhovna Rada of UkraineІНСТИТУТ ПРОБЛЕМ СУЧАСНОГО МИСТЕЦТВАМаю Право на Житло!Let's do it Ukraine! - SOSLa Repubblica Italiana - Italia in datiFreies Gymnasium Zürich

Current situation in Ukraine

Head of CSO ”VITAUKR” Helen Yampolskaya
Head of SCO ”VITAUKR” Helen Yampolskaya

It’s a fight for freedom between democratic and totalitarian regimes. Ukraine today is an open frontline defending democracy. And we are all aware that should the Russian dictator be allowed to succeed, democracy that is a foundation of successful Europe will seize to exist!

  • In my country people are being killed
  • In my country cities are being destroyed
  • In my country pensioners do not know if they will have any food to eat tomorrow
  • In my country parents do not know if the new academic year will begin
  • In my country many people are left without homes

VITAUKR calls on everyone to provide help to the most socially vulnerable people in Ukraine. Our areas of operation:

  • Case #1 - Head office. Office operating needs and expenses (petrol, paper, maintenance of computer and printing equipment, postal services,logistics, internet and mobile operator, rent, travel and so on) -2000 per month
  • Case #2 - Humanitarian Aid - Logistics expenses for delivering the humanitarian aid from EU countries (Italy, Poland, etc)- 10 000 EUR/month
  • Case #3 - Art Against Violence. Exhibition organization (compensation for transportation of artwork, organizational/event expenses)- 5 000 euros/month
  • Case #4 - Renovation of Ukrainian cities - Every request is individual
  • Case #5 - Army Aid. Individual requests by military bases 10 000 EUR/month
  • Case #6 - Youth support programs for psychoemotional and professional stability

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Helen Yampolska

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